Fun In The Sun – Marbella

So since the weather today is super dull I thought I’d reminisce about my holiday I got back from just over a week ago! I was lucky enough to go to Marbella, Spain with my two best friends! (Hello Liv and Isobel). It was also very kind for Liv to let us stay in her home out there, we had such good fun exploring and sunbathing and relaxing before out dreaded A-level results a week later. However, one of the best nights was when we went to see David Guetta, now for me I’m not a huge fan of his work but he does have some of the catchiest songs, so there I was singing away like a number one fan! It was amazing to see what concerts where like in other countries and cities, and compared to Liverpool, Spain really cr**s on us. The vibe and the lovely welcoming people really made that night one of the best we had.
David Guetta
We then spent the rest of the holiday on the beach or by the pool soaking up the sunshine *safe to say I’m still pale*, it was great to spend quality time with my two loved ones away from the busy city we live in. Another amazing day we had out there was when we went to see Marbella old town, it was stunning with all the tiny cobbled streets and beautiful buildings it was really beautiful to take in the Spanish culture and at Marbella old town it was the best place to do so. Plus the ice cream was so delicious we just couldn’t help ourselves!
Marbella old town Boats
Now of course for me going away wouldn’t be complete without a shopping trip. The shops were great and I was in love with Zara but unfortunately we had to divorce due to not holding anything in my size *boo*. But nevertheless, the shops were brilliant and seeing all the brands we can’t get in the UK was great too. I mainly bought makeup as it is smaller and easy to fit in my already very heavy case but of course you can go to my previous blog post to see what I bought. Now would I go back ? 100% it was hot and always something to do with great sites to see, so same time again next year girls ?
Me and Isobel Isobel, Liv and me


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