From Long To Lob

So here is how I went from my long hair to my lob and how I style things up. I basically used to hate short hair because I was scared to cut my long locks off but after making the cut I can’t look back I love my short hair. I was always told I’d suit it short and I just basically didn’t have the balls until 2014/15 when I started to grow up become more of a mature young woman than a girl. So I figured a new hair cut for a new me.

So here are my tips for if you want to go short…

1. Good hair dresser who will do it exactly how you want it and not cut the whole thing off.

2. Start with a few inches then take it further.

3. Don’t follow the craze, just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you need to! Have your own style.

Now for the styling part it can be tricky because most people thing you can’t curl it which was exactly what I thought till I seem Essie Button and Vivianna Does Makeup videos on how they also style their short hair. Right now my hairs a little too short to have very curly but I can make it work with a loose look.

1. Blow Dry look – I don’t mind my hair after it’s been roughly blown, it’s kinda messy and fluffy but not too fluffy! I don’t have a certain way to dry it but usually it’s as quick as I can before I’m late for work. Now unless it’s an occasion I pretty much leave my hair like this, the less heat the better in my opinion.  2. Pin straight look – I use my Babyliss Pro Digital 230 straighteners and slowly make my way through every layer of my hair. I really like the pin straight look! Today however my ends really weren’t on my side think it was from the fluffy blow dry!    3. Bouncy bob look – Now my hair is too short to curl however I like to use my straighteners again to put some bounce in, however I don’t like a lot because end up with a fuzzy frizzy short bob up to my ears so very loose curls are great for me also in the past when I’ve curled my hair its last approximately 0.3 seconds after leaving the house.

Thanks for reading guys!

Erin x


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