Friday’s Fashion Wish List

Welcome back guys to my weekly blog! This week blog is something I’m sure we can all relate to. Something I know me and my friends defiantly have on our phones, a wish list of all the beautiful clothes out! Now since we are heading into Autumn (my favourite season) I’ve noticed that all the shops in my city centre and online really have upped their game for Autumn/Winter 15. Not only that it’s all clothes I think are amazing but all in the style that I personally wear! So lets take a look at what’s top of my list for this season.

P.S. If your unsure as to what style of clothing you like Zara has got your back, simply click ‘trends’ and see what takes your fancy.

Top1. Is this delicate ‘Woodland Floral Print Shirt’ from Topshop. I never really used to wear a blouse, maybe very occasionally but lately I’ve really been loving them as a staple item in my wardrobe. they are something which can be dressed up with a pencil or mini skirt, or dressed down with a pair of ripped jeans.

Skirt2. Now an example of a skirt I’d wear with that blouse is this stunning one from ASOS. As soon as I spotted this I fell in love with it! Judging from the picture I’d say this skirt is very me and something I would get wear out of all year round. It is high waisted which is really flattering on all body shapes and sizes plus the sexy split at the front is a great bonus.

Pants3. Again you may see a trend here of the leather (of course its faux), I personally like leather and feel that it suits me really well and fits with the style of clothing I like to wear. I used to have a much beloved pair from Topshop however they became old and too loved to wear. These biker trousers from Zara are hopefully going to replaced them!

Shoes4. These babies are something I have had my eye on for a while! First spotted back in early August in Spain I was hoping to pick them up however they didn’t have my size and they have only just came to the UK.  Now if my best friends/boyfriend are reading this post your probably thinking I already have two pairs like these but I promise they are different.

Bag5. There are many beautiful handbags on the market at the moment but the most important one I need is something very practical for uni. I like back packs but soon enough you kinda get sick of taking it off your back to feel incredibly sweaty. So I’ve seen this one at Zara, for me I’m not really a fan of huge handbags, I carry virtually nothing around with me so it pretty pointless having a Mary Poppins bag. But for uni it needs to be able to fit a few notebooks, a folder and a endless supply of art equipment. Also the two different style of handles makes it more comfortable to carry.

Thank you for reading, see you next Friday…


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