Friday Feed – John Green ‘Paper Towns’

I have recently read Paper Towns by the famous writer John Green, I’m sure we are all familiar with his work The Fault In Our Stars so if you enjoyed that you must read this! Or if you haven’t heard of either I suggest you get to your nearest book store ASAP.Paper Towns

This brilliant book is about a runaway teen Margo Roth Spiegelman, who after an river of revenge with her admirer, Quentin Jacobsen, disappears without a trace…or maybe not. He makes it his mission to find her clues and her before graduation but will he do it, you must read for yourself and find out.Things I really enjoyed about the book was the mystery put behind Margo’s character  not only to the reader but to her friends also. Green wrote Margo’s character so well that you feel you must keep reading as there is just a beautiful spirit underneath the appearance of Margo. Another thing I love is Quentin Jacobsen’s character, he is seen as a nerdy shy boy especially with girls and being popular. However within his search to find the adventurous Margo Roth Spiegelman his character breaks free from this he makes more friends and becomes confident and I feel like this book will inspires some readers to become more confident even if they are inspired by a fictional character. To me this book isn’t just about an adventure its about breaking free of your mould and doing things you’d never have pushed yourself to have done otherwise, following what you believe. Even though they are made up in the imagination of John Green himself these characters felt real to me I think so many people including myself can relate to both Margo and Q.I was constantly guessing with this wanting to figure out where Margo was before Q and his friends found out. This is something I like in a novel it keeps me reading without getting bored and honestly I haven’t been able to put this book down since its just too mind consuming that even when it is down all I’m doing is thinking when ill next have time to read it or what will happen next.Now my favourite part of the book was when Quentin’s friends joined in 100% in the journey of finding Margo, this made tear up but in a good way, it made me feel that the ‘paper town’ they were living in was less paper and more real than described. However this book didn’t make me cry just constantly laugh at the  sarcastic humour of Q’s friendship circle and the awkwardly hysterical things that happen to them.Honestly there probably is something I would have changed about the book, something like Margo being more affectionate at the beginning towards Q, however I only want this because I think his feelings for her are so cute and I want him to be loved back as I am  big sucker for big romantic love stories.I honestly loved this book and want to continue reading all of his novels that I have out of 5 I’ve read 2 and will continue to read the other 3, John Green you got me addicted. I am 19 but I could see younger and older people reading this, for the younger readers it kind of lets you in for things that happen in your older teens and for the more matured it takes you back to all the silly and stupid things you done as an adolescent.Out of 5 I would give this book a 4, not a 5 because for me thats saved for the life changing novels that have a huge effect on me such as The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald. However this novel honestly made me think about my own confidence and how maybe I need to push my self more but I will always have a love affair with J Gatz so 5 is saved for him.

Thanks for reading.Erin x


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