Flesh Friday

Now from the title you may be thinking I’m about to let you into an “intimate” haul however thats not case I can promise you thats something you wouldn’t want to see. By ‘flesh’ I mean those gorgeous pink and nude tones we can rock all year round. At this time of year when your unsure as to wether its Summer or Autumn considering the weathers like Winter it’s hard to decide that crucial lipstick colour! So this week I’m bringing you 5 nude/pink lipsticks to inspire you when you can choose between that orange or berry colour. (+ a mini review).

LipsticksLipsticksLipsticks1. We’ve started with one of my most beloved MAC lipsticks ‘Honey Love’ the name just tells it all.Finish – Matte, but not too dryingColour – Dark nude, if nude could be a gothic style lipstick this would be it!Long lasting – Few hours but with a liner underneath it could be days…Price – £15.50Stars – **** 4/5

2. The second contender is Rosepout’ by Illamasqua, fitting name if the lipstick was red.Finish – Matte but super drying it hurt *ouch*Colour – The perfect pinkish nudeLong lasting – Yes I wore this on a night out and didn’t have to re-applyPrice – £19.50Stars – *** 3/5

3. Third we have my complete go to ‘better than you lip colour’ Kiko Pencil Lipgloss in 08Finish – Glossy but not that your hairs going to get stuck to it at the first feel of windColour – Natural nudeLong lasting – Not really but for me it last as long as I require it toPrice – £3.90 (OMG WOW)Stars – ***** 5/5

4. Fourth we have one of the best presents I’ve ever received, Chanel Rouge Coco in 400 Louise!Finish – Shiny but not glossy so ultimately not sticky! Winning…Colour – Golden nudeLong lasting – Again for me it does the hours I expect it to doPrice – £26.00Stars – **** 4/5

5. Last but not least we have the first MAC lipstick I ever bought, Pure ZenFinish – CreamyColour – A real baby pink nudeLong lasting – For  cremesheen from MAC which don’t last so long, this leaves a subtle pink tiny that I’m happy withPrice – £15.50Stars – **** 4/5

So if you read the title and wanted to see a haul come back for next weeks intro to Autumn…Erin x


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