Five Things To Be Positive About

So this Friday’s blog post is going to be something on the brighter side of life. It is very important to remember that when times get tough and your feeling low to stay positive. I believe that these 5 points are things that me and my readers can be positive about. I am the biggest pessimist ever and I’ve realised that if I ignore the negativity and replace it with a small thought something ever so tiny I can be happy for the rest of the week, give it a go. Even writing these 5 points put me in a better mood, remember the glass is always half full not half empty!

1. Yourself – you are the most important thing within your life and you deserve the best.2. Your future – day dreaming about my future gets me excited, however it is the unknown you never know what could happen! (This also makes it more exciting)3. New relationships – making friends for life is great and it gives you that excited feeling thinking of all the memories you could make with them. This could even be a girlfriend/boyfriend because having romance is always wonderful.4. Tomorrow is the weekend – RELAX!5. There is only 63 more sleeps until Christmas day!

Thanks for reading!Erin


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