Festive Feast | Chocolate Orange Cake

Hello my wonderful readers and welcome to my very last blogmas (sad face), but I will be leaving you with something delicious! A twist on a classic to add some spice… dark chocolate orange cake. This recipe is very simply and you could very easily whip this up for after your Christmas dinner.


Cake;                                                 Icing;                                             Decorations;Unsalted butter 100g                   Bournville chocolate 150g     Matchmakers (orange) 6    Bournville cocoa powder 50g    Double cream 150ml             Sprinkling of icing sugarFree range eggs 3                          Apricot jam 6 tbspMilk 3 tbspBoiling water 90mlSelf raising flour 175gGolden caster sugar 300gZest of a large orange 1Baking powder 1 tsp



1. Preheat your oven to gas mark four (180’C) and grease to sandwich tins of the same size with butter or use grease proof paper. I didn’t have two of the same size so I put all the cake mix into one. However, this means it takes a lot longer to cook and there is a chance of burning the cake and leaving the middle uncooked, I was lucky.

2. Beat the butter and sugar together until creamed, with this recipe having more sugar to butter it may not be perfectly combined but don’t worry as long as it looks a little something like mine it’ll be fine. continue to add three eggs, milk and the boiling water (crucial).


3. When whisked together add the rest of the dry ingredients to your bowl and whisk again. Make sure that you are beating a lot of air in and that the cake mix becomes smooth and not lumpy. To avoid lumpy mix make sure you sieve all dry ingredients before starting.


4. You can then pour this beautiful chocolatey mixture into your tins, pop in the oven and wait for the magic. Cook for around 20-30 minutes, *REMEMBER* do not open the oven early as it will cause the cake to sink!

5. When done place on a cooling rack to cool down, please guys do not burn your self of the very hot cake tins!


6. Now for the incredible icing! Boil a saucepan of hot water and place a glass bowl over the top making sure the water does NOT touch the bowl. Add in all the bourville chocolate and watch it melt. When it is coming close to that heavenly point (nearly melted) add the cream and mix well them leave to simmer for a few minutes.


7. Leave for cooling and then whisk this baby like mad, an electric whisk would be very helpful but if not give it some good elbow grease! You’ll soon see the consistency change from a thick liquid to more of a lighter more whipped one.

8. Add your apricot jam to one side and the chocolate filling to the other, place together and then add the remaining chocolate filling on the top. Then it is time to get creative an decorate how you like. I’ve gone for a more simplistic look with mine but you guys can go crazy!Now two words…. tuck in.


An that concludes blogmas for 2015, I loved it guys it has really gotten me in a festive mood when I’ve looked back and read all my posts, I hope it has done the same for you too. Now it is time for me to dig in to my Christmas dinner! Lots of love to my readers on Christmas day, I wish you the best new year, much love…Erin


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