Dark Romance Trend – Boohoo

DSC_0026DSC_0033Hello my readers and welcome back to my weekly Friday blog post! This week I’m expanding from a previous one on trends that I uploaded before Halloween. I said that I think Boohoo sells clothes which are really nailing the dark romance trend that I love. I think fur, leather, feather, velvet and of corse black and burgundy colours really hit the dark romance theme for me. I’ve put together a day and night look to show that both looks can be wearable for uni and day to day life but also for events coming with this time of year like work nights out boxing and new year.


So for number one it is the DAY LOOK, I’ve paired this wool hat (BOOHOO) as it’s starting to get to that time of year were it rains 24/7 and if your like me you need something that’s going to have your back when it comes to frizzy hair I suggest investing in hat like this one. Then I had to get a shirt dress and they are very on trend and versatile as you can wear this with flats for the day and heels for the evening. I love when you get a piece of clothing and its a two in one, so this is like your top and bottoms as it can be paired with tights, Similar to a dress or playsuit. I had to include this little faux fur gilet I picked up great for chucking on and adding layers to an outfit. I then added this to plain black jeans (TOPSHOP) available in every clothing shop known to man so don’t worry any old black jeans (or tights) will be perfect. Then I added some height and wore my own heeled boots! (WHISTLES) This look I love and I would wear it for uni or a casual day out shopping in town however I would swap the boots for comfortable flats, I’ve not broke my boots in yet lol.


Now for the NIGHT look I got this burgundy dress trimmed in feathers (BOOHOO) I adore this dress it’s gorgeous and for me it’s a little girly which I don’t mind trying once in a while. Now the boots my soul was sold when I saw these online (ASOS) however after a few hours wearing them in town I had to go home as I was in so much pain and had numb feet for about 22 hours later. Unfortunately I can honestly see me never wearing them ever again and advise any girl not to buy them. I’m sorry ASOS I love you so much but not as much as I love comfortable heels. I then threw on my leather jacket (TOPSHOP) as I like to stir clear of getting nuemonia on a night out!


Thanks for reading guys!Shop the look here > www.boohoo.com


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