Chapter Two

Welcome back to a different kind of Friday feeling and its a bit of an emotional one… You guys you may be confused as to my title so I thought I’d give you the ‘411’. Even though I’m 19 and my life has so far had an abundances of chapter for you guys my blog was chapter one and this post letting you into my life a little more will explain chapter two.

So as a few of you guys might know I am on my way to starting university in my home town of Liverpool *eeekk*. I am pretty excited to start somewhere fresh and meet new people and experience a different part of life by that I mean education and not going to a boring sixth form where it seems to be dull everyday! Other pupils of my school I’m sure you’ll understand… Just gaining new experiences or for now the thought of doing so gets me so excited for the next three years of my life. However apart from this excitement I do however face the heart breaking reality that one of my best friends is moving to the London (Liv if you read this blog post please don’t go) Im kidding as much as I want my friends to stay its time for them to start their next chapter of their own life. Which looking at the glass half full I’m equally as excited for them as I am my self.

Of course things aren’t going to be the same but it doesn’t mean things need to change in a negative way. Im a year older and most friends moved to uni last year, even the ones who stayed in town, not seeing them everyday did cause an absence and a peculiar feeling which took a few months of adjusting. However when every came home over summer and I bumped into old friends out I was so happy knowing that their chapter of university was going as planned, now its time for mine.

Just to say good luck to all my friends going to university wether or not your leaving Liverpool! I wish the best for you.Heres a collage of drunk photographs to remember the fun times and more for the future…123456IMG_4094


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