Chapter Three

Hello my readers and welcome back in this glorious new month, I hope you all had an amazing New Year!  I’m sure you can tell from the title that this is similar to an older post I done about my life going in a different direction (university). This blog post isn’t about me going anywhere, so don’t worry, lol. I’m making this one to just let you know that my site is moving (sure you’ve heard me yelp this with excitement for the past few months). Right now I’m just re-touching it all and making sure my domain is working and ready to launch! However the reason why I’m moving and why all my social medias are getting a big make over is just because I started this blog not knowing anything and I’ve came so far in just 7 months. My photography, writing ability and readers have became stronger and I just always want to try my hardest for my blog to be the best it can be for you guys an of course me, right now I don’t think it is. So don’t worry if you see my Twitter or Instagram disappear just see it as me having a spring clean! I just hope you guys can bare with me on the empty content for a little bit of time.

As annoying as it is to hear ‘New Year New Me’ this really does apply to me this year! So I thought we could look back on my #2015bestnine on Instagram as shortly it will be disappearing. Most are all blog related which makes me happy as it tells me you guys like when I do inspiration or outfit posts, so don’t worry more will be coming for 2016! But one that makes me most happy is the bottom right the pair of loafers. This was my first blogging event that I was invited too and it made me so happy to know that someone out there found me and wanted me to participate with their brand. I also met my blogging chum Abbie (‘BlushandNoise’), think she’s my doppelganger guys so go check out her blog! you’ll lover her just as much as me…


Also just want to add that I am so grateful to all my friends, readers and of course Alex, who support me and my little blog, you guys keep me uploading every week and I wouldn’t have done this without you all! Thank you for reading much love and best wishes for 2016!Erin


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