Bitchin’Blonde Goes Biker | Staple Item

Welcome back to this wonderful Friday! Hope your week hasn’t been as bad as mine, lol. I’ve had slips and trips as well as a leaking lunch box and then forgetting everything I need for uni. So I didn’t start the week off well but I’m determined to start the weekend off great as I have some fun plans! Todays post your getting some super posey pictures of me modelling what I would call one of the biggest classics in fashion’s history, the leather jacket. Obviously it doesn’t have to be real leather, the industry has many alternatives from vegan and a faux synthetic fabrics too all near identical to leather. This for me is the only item I see to be in everyones wardrobe throughout their lives, most people have them and have had them for many years. The one I’m wearing now is actually 31 years old so you can see it’s been hanging around in my mum’s wardrobe and then jumping to mine. For me it’s my staple item I will always have one in my wardrobe. For the more casual look like I’m rocking in these photographs but also last night when I wore it out for a few drinks. There is so many ways you can style this jacket, I personally went for something a little casual as me and Alex were just spending the day together in town curing our hangovers, lol. Paired with velvet jeans, cream jumper and one of Alex’s shirts which I think I can call mine now!
Thank you for reading, Erin


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