Best Trends Of 2015

So guys new year is approaching and that really does mean out with the old and in with the new so I’m looking back at the best fashion trends of 2015. Some I loved and will probably try and carry on into 2016…

Starting with the much loved lace up. Now for me this was a love hate relationship, shoes were a big yes but very low to the belly button body suits were no. I liked this trend because it gave a gothic vampire touch to outfits which I really dig. I have some much loved Office shoes ( and a Lavish Alice dress featuring lace up both worn to death and will 100% be coming with me into 2016.


Next is another favourite of mine which I’ll actually be rocking this new years eve, the 70s style. It was everywhere and we all loved it, from bell sleeves, flares and chunky court heels, it hit the high street by storm. Zara being a  main contributor to this trend with their trend page constantly keeping us clothed head to toe in the decade. For new year I’ve got the bell sleeved embroidered dress paired with some velvet gold trimmed chunky sandals (all right now in the Topshop sale)


Something which I think has been out for a few years but always makes a come back is the fluffy key chain, I just can’t get enough. From blue to burgundy these cute accessories just draw attention in only a good way! Also they are so big that you will never loose your keys…I’ll probably loose my keys now I’ve said this, lol.

Now last but not least is the ‘Health Goth’ style. Something I have only very recently heard about but it’s been around for about 12 months+. This is were sports wear becomes acceptable to wear outside of the gym. Pairing running shoes with a cute dress or sports bra with jeans. It everywhere and I love it because why wouldn’t I wanna wear a sports bra everyday, comfort is key ladies remember this.

So this concludes just a few of my favourite trends which appeared in 2015. Now for the new year approaching I’m hoping and making predictions for more 70s, more 90s grunge and even some more 2000 double denim.

Thank you for reading guys see you Friday with some exciting news!Erin


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