Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue – Review

Hello guys long time no read, really sorry about not posting last Friday was just caught up with too much work and getting ready for London as me and Alex went to Lovebox festival (blog post coming your way soon). An of course ill be making up for the missed blog with another this Tuesday so stay tuned. So anyway heres a review on  my holy grail skin product for this summer.

So for a few months I’ve had my eyes locked on this product but never purchased it as I thought it would just be putting grease on my already oily face. However my friend Sufia (Hello Sufia!) told me how amazing it was and it even worked on her similar to me oily skin type. So there I was casually making my way home from town when the mother ship of Boots called me over and no it didn’t take long before I was strolling out with yet another makeup item. Since then I haven’t stopped using it, I used it all weekend in London and even being at a sweaty festival n the sunshine I still obtained a beautiful dewy radiant glow. This for me was the deal breaker I could were it all day without it giving me excess oil and I’m a very oily adolescent.I picked it up in the second to lightest shade ‘Vanilla’ and this is the perfect colour for me when I’m not tanned so God knows what ill be using after my holiday but I am tempted to buy another in a darker shade it’s that good! This heavenly delight can also be worn with a primer underneath (I love Benefits primer) if like me you are oily. However I surprisingly can get away without a primer not all day but for a substantial amount of time which suits me well as I do not like wearing makeup all day.  I think this product will work for all skin types however I am especially happy that us oily ones can work the dewy look too. The packaging isn’t very special but it isn’t to big so its easy to travel with however I do like how the packaging looks shimmery like the product but when worked into the skin with your fingers or a stifling brush its like fairy dust all over you face!  BM BM


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