A Pretty Big Kiko Haul


Welcome back!So as you guys may be aware I’ve recently been to London and Spain where I was very lucky to have visited the KIKO makeup stores as unfortunately there isn’t a store in Liverpool *boo*. So while I was away I took my opportunity with both hands and went a bit crazy but with the prices how could I restrain myself ? I couldn’t. Here just a quick over view of what I bought and swatches to I’ve you guys a closer peek. If of course I fall in love which is mostly likely to happen as I am  huge fan of the brand I will of course be mentioning in a favourites video soon to come.


Highlighter So lets start with the only face product I bought, a cream highlighter. Great for that natural glow but awful combination with any other skin product! I bought this because I have a Topshop one which is a beautiful colour and texture however when used with another product is smears and creates a patchy base. So I bought the KIKO one to see if would be any different however to my disappointment it was exactly the same! I wouldn’t however say this was wasted money as I will use it on my tanned skin when I don’t really need a foundation. (colour 100 in RADIANT TOUCH CREAMY STICK HIGHLIGHTER)

Lip pencilsNext well go for lip products… starting with the Pencil Lipgloss’ I bought. One of which I’ve owned for a few months and loved the consistency resulting in me buying more! The first colour I owned was 08 and it being the perfect nude I picked up another but to my surprise when I got home and watched them for this blog post I realised that the two 08’s where different shades, something I’m not too bothered about as both are very similar and gorgeous! Other colour is 10 the perfect ‘Kylie Jenner’ lip colour! Couldn’t recommend these pencils enough; creamy, long lasting and a ton of shades for an affordable price!Lipgloss'sWhen in Rome (I mean London) I picked up a 3D Instant Volume Lipgloss in the shade 217, I don’t usually go for pink but its summer and a dark brown lip doesn’t always look so summery! The gloss’ tingle and they really do plump your lips! A small problem I know a lot of people may dislike is how sticky the formula is, but for me a sticky lipgloss really doesn’t bother me unless its windy *hair probs*. The next colour I picked up was 216 I liked the colour as I usually often go for a nude/brown lip however to my disappointment it wasn’t as dark as anticipated however still a lovely colour. I wanted to see it compared to the MAC Spice Lipglass but Spice will always be a winner for its pigmentation.

Eyeshadow Now for the eyes, if you have been reading my pasted blogs you may see I really have fallen for the dark purple shadows and keeping with the theme I picked up some gorgeous Plums and dusky pinks. Swatch one – 244  Swatch two – 243. These colours are great all year round I think come rain or sun they can look fall or festival.Eyeshadows Then of course you may be wondering why I have picked up a lot of green shadows and its due to the new release of the NARS ‘Hardwired’ palette containing a gorgeous forest green colour. I have always liked green but been to scared so here I am once again trying to push away the comfort zone. For me having blue eyes some may think that green and purple and even blue eyeshadow will look ridiculous however I think for makeup there are no rules you should not be forced to follow them it is about embracing a great look and rocking it no matter the ‘rules’. Swatch one – 111 Swatch two – 209 Swatch three – 268 Swatch four – 270.

If anyone would like to see a tutorial with any of the featured products please leave a comment below and I would be more than welcome!See you guys next Friday!


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