Best Of Drug Store Beauty!

If you're a regular reader here on Bitchin'Blonde you might have previously read my 'Best Of High End Beauty', well I don't just do the big fancy brands I do the amazing drug store ones to. So yes today I am revealing my Best Of Beauty Drug Store! 
Now in it's sister post I didn't ramble to much because honestly I love it and I think it is the best, that's all I can say however there are a few items that need some annotation. Starting with the Violet Voss Palette. I know I have MUG Shadows in this post and don't get me wrong they are incredible too but this palette is like nothing else I have ever tried. I honestly can't urge you enough that if you see it available buy it before another bitch does. They are THE best quality eyeshadows ever x 100. I wrote a whole blog post about it and youtube video does first impressions so I will leave them below for you all to check out just so I'm no repeating myself. 
Now an item I ramble on about and the only mascara I use. The Maybelline Lash Sensational. GET IT GET IT GET IT. Nothing compared you get curl, volume and length what else does a girl want for her lashes. 
Now everything else is incredible and this is why it makes it into my best of drug store. I also really wanted to share this as I felt even though drugstore is more affordable I've probably wasted more money trying out crappy low priced makeup than high end makeup. So heres a few that I give 10/10 to that you may wanna try. 

Violet Voss Palette Unavailable - Where To Buy Violet Voss For UK

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