Leaving Your Adolescent Years | Becoming 20

On Wednesday I left behind my childhood years and joined the 20s club. Scared as I am I'm hoping that my 20s only holds adventures, crazy memories and a whole lot of new experiences...
I know some reading this will be thinking why is it so scary to becoming 20, well you realise that your know longer a child and those times as a teenager when you went to a party wearing your first pair of high heels was probably around 5 years ago, thats scary. Realising that the first time you layed eyes on your boyfriend was 4 years ago. The last camp out you had with your best friend was 3 years ago.

I've been thinking back to all the things that have happened throughout my childhood and teenage years and I've came up with 20 things I've learnt in my many years...

1. Those arguments with siblings mean nothing
2. Girl code is ageless
3. You still can't walk in high heels
4. You still buy 50p mixes from the sweet shop
5. You still tell white lies to your parents
6. Girlgang is everything
7. You learn what it means to fill in your brows
8. Disney will forever hold a place in your heart (old Disney anyway)
9. You will still do the opposite of what your told to do
10. You accept that people move on with their lives and going your own way doesn't mean the end to a friendship
11. You stop getting asked to show your ID, realisation of an adulthood has fully hit.
12. Having a weekend off to enjoy yourself stopped existing 3 years ago
13. You notice how expensive things can be, e.g mirrors but that's fine because you don't wanna look at your reflection anyway lol
14. Despising the person who said A-levels were harder than University, they're a dick
15. You are tired everyday that it almost feels like a hangover
16. You still cant dress yourself and owning a fashion sense doesn't exist
17. You grow a thick skin, personally it's a good thing
18. I actually enjoy reading lol
19. You realise what politics are and you begin to feel hate
20. The friendships you head into your 20s with will be some which lasts forever and thats true happiness and love

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