Easter Treat

What you will need;

Unsalted Butter 175g
Golden Caster Sugar 165g
Self-raising Flour 115g
Free Range Eggs 3
Cocoa Powder 40g (Bournville is best)
Boiling Water Egg Cup
Baking Powder 1Tsp

Unsalted Butter 50g
Icing Sugar 250g
Water Tbls 2
Chocolate 120g
Mini eggs 100g

Beat together the butter and sugar until creamy,
In a separate bowl mix together the water and cocoa powder,
Then add the rest of the ingredients to the butter bowl, 
When mixed add the chocolate paste,
Give this a good whisking ensuring air is getting inside.

Separate out into cake cases and cook for 15-18 minutes on gas mark 6.

While cooling,
 mix together the softened butter with the icing sugar until creamy!
Slice up the chocolate and be careful of your fingers.
When cakes are cool enough, layer they up with the butter cream and add chocolate for decoration.

You will then have wonderful easter themed nest cakes! Enjoy...

Happy Easter ya'll, see you Monday

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