The Capsule Wardrobe | Winter Edition

Hello my wonderful readers I hope you've all had a lovely week so far...
This week I'm turning a new leaf and I'm stopping the shopping...shock horror! Am I ill or something, who knows. How have I came to this conclusion you ask?...
Well I had a good old read of ViviannaDoesMakeup's old blog post and watched (binged) her youtube videos and came across 'The Capsule Wardrobe'. Remembered it was something I always wanted to do but the idea appealed more to me than actually doing it. I realised since starting university (being a fashion student) I decided to buy far too many clothes and use the regular excuse of "I'm a fashion student Mum I need these". So with the new year I thought why not try to change something for the better by quitting my online shopping addiction!
So I'm sure a lot of you are actually wondering what the capsule wardrobe actually is and in a nutshell it's having a selected amount of clothes (for whatever season you are in) that you actually get the wear from - must add that gym clothes and underwear don't count! WARNING - this doesn't give you the excuse to splurge at Victoria Secret! So Vivianna had around 30 something items, however she explained that it wasn't about the number it was actually about wearing the clothes themselves. So I had a look through my wardrobe and found I somehow had bought things for Glastonbury festival, oops. Then I had a few things that were for the warmer weather or just not warm enough for winter, so I set these aside. Now I get the idea your suppose to put the clothes you won't wear this season into storage however I don't have any storage, my room is just full to the brim. Instead I've made a list in a notebook reminding me what I can and can't wear this winter. Which I do think will make it trickier as I will probably be tempted to whip out a silly kimono and think I can pull it, but the bigger the challenge the better to me.
So I've narrowed everything down to 40 items, which half made me vomit as it still seems like a ridiculous amount of clothes to own. So heres my capsule wardrobe list for the rest of the Winter season...
2 Faux Fur Coats
2 Other Coats - super casual for uni and a fancier one
1 Leather Jacket - for the cold nights out
2 Pairs of Casual Jeans
1 Pair of Cord/Velvet Jeans - for the smart casual look
1 Pair of Black Dungarees
3 Faux Leather Skirts - I realise this is judgements pls
1 Dark Denim Skirt
1 Burgundy Skirt
1 Cardigan - for lounging around uni in
5 Dresses - for formal occasions
5 Daytime Dresses
20 Tops - from relaxing comfy tops to my dressy blouses and shirts
Thank you for reading guys! Hope this post has inspired you to love your wardrobe more! See you Monday

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