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So guys I thought this week I would try get closer and let you into what I wish I could say weird and wonderful facts about me. Unfortunately I must say they will probably be pretty boring and you'll realise  I'm just an extremely average 19 year old girls who's addicted to the Internet. But nevertheless I love these tags I love learning and listening to the random facts about my favourite bloggers. So if you have one of these blog post let me know I'd love to read it. Now without further a due let's dive in...
1. I do not have a middle name
2. I started uni a year later than most my friends (I failed A-levels, lol)
3. I am a proud Liverpudlian
4. I love gin...way to much
5. John Lennon went to my primary and secondary school, that's a fact more about John than me oops
6. I am petrified of snakes
7. I hate the colour pink
8. I robbed a cat from my neighbour (don't worry he goes home occasionally) he's been with us for nearly 7 years now!
9. I have an unhealthy obsession with makeup
10. My favourite novel is The Great Gatsby
11. I am addicted to sweets and chocolate
12. I am currently watching American Horror Story on Netflix
13. I use the Internet way too much
14. I'm blonde but I wanna be grey
15. I have 7 piercings and want more
16. I do fashion at university
17. Favourite lipstick is Mac 'Honey Love'
18. Currently wearing steel glaze shellac
19. I have one older brother
20. I hated school but I actually do miss it sometimes
21. I could eat pizza for the rest of my life
22. I want a puppy a kitten and a rabbit! Yes I love animals, apart from snakes!
23. I have a boyfriend and I have happily been with him for just over two years!
24. I'm born on the 18th of May 1996
25. My favourite colour changes all the time but at the moment I'm loving forest green, yes this is due to the BalmainxH&M collection
26. I love to go to the gym
27. Addicted to shopping and spending money
28. I love lots of films but a few are The Parent Trap, The Goonies, The Breakfast Club and Cashback
29. Currently wearing Jo Malone Wood, Sage and Seasalt perfume
30. I love Shakespeare
31. Currently reading 'Looking For Alaska' by John Green
32. I am a Tarus and yes I have a 'bull ring' I.e septum
33. I hate lying and liars
34. I say no more than yes
35. Diet Coke is my choice of fizzy drink
36. I am a vegetarian
37. I seek perfection in everything
38. Been in a severe mood swing since 2010
39. I want many tattoos hopefully leading to a half sleeve
40. I am constantly baking
41. I can't spell which you've probably noticed from previous blog posts
42. I love vintage shops and eBay
43. Unfortunately I am an anxiety victim
44. Every app on my phone is organised
45. I still have a teddy bear his name is Humphrey
46. I love to buy other people presents
47. Autumn and Winter are the best seasons
48. I have a permanent resting bitch face
49. I love beer, corona and Budweiser are my fave!
50. I love to go to the cinema and museum and it's my idea of a perfect date! As long as there are loads of sweets involved, lol

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